News from Schenectady

In an effort to continue to beat the heat and maximize shade we shifted our line again on Father’s Day. We added DIY spray tents made from gardening supplies to help cool us down.

Our special table had gifts for our fathers and father figures and everyone in line was able to get a gift and our dads received a gift and a gift bag with hygiene items like full size saving cream, new socks, hand soap, packages of razors, full size lotion, axe, and full size deodorant.

On this Sunday we had a visit from Patrolman Mancino and Patrolman Duane Bechand, two of the City’s community resource officers. The Schenectady Police Department has been an amazing resource to us. Our four Community Resource officers have helped our friends and many others in our city with housing, getting to a shelter in winter, with showers and clothing, meals, appointments, and gaining important documents like a NYS ID. They are also there as friends and a support system to us and our neighbors. The officers walked with friends through the line, talked to everyone on site and shared stickers with our kids.

They have made themselves available to our group weekly and have spent many hours supporting our team, answering questions, emails, and taking calls. They have made many connections for us with other organizations like the Department of Social Services so we can continue to help our friends and get them expert support. We are very thankful for their help as a community partner and look forward to continuing this partnership.

Thank you to all of our cooks, donors and supporters for making this happen! Thank you, Patrolman Mancino, Patrolman Bechand and the SPD for your support and time with us. We hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day 💙🐼💙