So Many Thanks

💞🐼Hearts that beat to the tune of kindness can change the rhythm of the world!

StreetSoldiers has that beat!!!

Our Friday night with our friends in the park is always such a humble way to end our week. We all come together. We talk, we laugh, we dance, sing. There’s high fives, fist bumps and hugs. And for a little while, the troubles of the week disappear and we’re all in this moment sharing kindness, hope, encouragement and love. We’re just people helping people.

With giving hands and compassionate hearts.

So many wonderful volunteers! I hope each one of you know what an important role you have in the life of our friends!!

Last night we were joined by our pop up vaccination clinic and it was a great success. We provided each friend with a post vaccination bag that was put together by Joni. We called them the “swag bag.” 🤙We’d like to send a big Thank you for taking the time to come out and administer vaccinations. Getting back to life as we once knew, one vaccination at a time.

Many thanks to everyone behind the scenes and behind the tables. Thank you to all our weekly donors, cooks and supporters. Thank you Dawn, who purchased the coolest cooler I’ve ever seen which kept our ice cream frozen at the park in 85 degree weather. What a hit that was!!!

Thank you. . . .

Perfect Blend Cafe & Bakery in Delmar
West End Bagels ls in Clifton Park
Hannaford Supermarkets (Valatie, NY)
Starbucks – Stuyvesant Plaza
Latham Ridge Elementary School

And a big THANK YOU to Stantec who collected items and joined us last night with three tables to distribute their donations to our friends.

Thank you to Officer Dan and officer John from APD who stop by to say hello.

Because of each one of you, we’re able to do what we do each and every week. We appreciate everyone who thinks about StreetSoldiers and our friends throughout the week. It really means a lot.

Have a great weekend!!

🐼❤Kindness Always❤🐼