Our New Friend

My heart πŸ’”β€. We drove to Albany to see one of our young friends to give her some summer clothes, but when we got there her mom said she walked to the store with her grandmother. So we went to meet her at the store to surprise her. When we parked, we noticed a guy picking up cigarettes off the ground and he had then walked around the building. I walked around the building to the corner with a couple dollars to give him. As I approached him, I said “hello.” He stood up, closed his knife and put it in his pocket. I introduced myself, and asked him his name then I handed him a StreetSoldiers card and told him about us. Then I asked what he was doing with the knife.

“I’m going to cut my sweatshirt to make socks.” “Wait right here, I’ll be right back!” I went to my car where I had a care package that included two pair of socks πŸ™.

He takes off his sneakers and his feet are wrapped in toilet paper. He was using toilet paper as socks!πŸ’” He sits down, I sit on the ground with him, and we get to know each other a little bit.

Today we made a new friend. Today, our young friend wasn’t home when we brought the clothes to her, but she was in a place where we needed to be. #seeaneedfillaneed#MakeADifferenceEveryday#streetsoldiersneverstops#loveislove#helpthehomeless#StreetSoldiers#socks#happyfeels#rightplacerighttime